Dear Wine Enthusiast,

Mayfair is proud to have been one of the first purveyors of fine wines to Chinese connoisseurs beginning 20 years ago. Today, it continues as a pioneer in fine wine provision, with an emphasis on providing best in class service.

Science wisdom and the uncertainty of nature meet in the dynamics of production and enjoyment of fine wine. Experts can sometimes rescue harvested grapes from a critical growing season, and can transform the results of a good growing season to greatness through vinification experiences. There are also post production variables to be understood and managed: taste preferences of the drinker, flavors with which the wine is consumed, aeration, storage and shipping, temperature, altitude and climate, occasion, maturity. At Mayfair our professionals manage product selection, ancillary advisory services and operations to reduce uncertainty and ensure high value wine experiences for our clients.

I invite you to share my passion for fine wines through a Mayfair consultation and purchase, as well as membership in the Mayfair Club. Since 1995, we have selected offerings for our clients’ cellars from the best known as well as up and coming vintners around the world. Through tastings, we can help to identify your current favorites and lay them down for future enjoyment and value preservation. We can advise on wines for celebrating important life events, establishing a well-rounded cellar, and even the right bottle to go with a special dinner, whether it is Oriental, or Western cuisine.

Wine has been an important element of human life for five thousand years, connecting people and enhancing friendship, kinship and business relationships. Knowledge of wine will contribute richly to your enjoyment and our Mayfair Club offers opportunities for learning and exploring with other aficionados at exclusive events. Because wine is ultimately about enjoyment and fellowship,
I encourage you to drink it with friends, family and those you love.

Let Mayfair stand alongside your journey of exploring and enjoying the fellowship of fine wines.


Lili Ma
Managing Director